Wednesday, February 15, 2012


She lives!

So, eh...Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Happy Valentine's Day.

What else have I missed?

I think I've also neglected to mention that Gillie turned 9, Jack turned 3, and Ben and I celebrated 10 years together since I last really posted anything.

oh and Josh got recognized as a Rising Star in his community for academic excellence. He got to bring 15 guests to a Univ. of Denver basketball game and get autographs and all that jazz. It was such a fun night.

oh and I broke my arm roller skating on New Years Eve. I just got my cast off last Friday. Ms. Righty is still super stiff so this blog post is brought to you by my left arm.


I still don't really have anything smart or insightful or even funny to share. Which is why I've been either whiny or silent on here for so long. For the most part, my response to just about everything has been to blabber on, mindlessly, instinctually, with just enough Christian-ese thrown in to make me think I've reached some sort of something to say about something. 

I'm tired of that.

But I still wanted to put a few diary-ish thoughts up here for me to look back on someday. So humor me.

Most of my thoughts recently have been about trust. I'm seeing more and more areas of my life where I need to trust God, my husband and myself more. Mostly God.

So there's that.

Also I've got some friends who typically are pretty heavily opposed by Christians. Heavily. and I love them to pieces and cringe at their experiences. I want to be a good friend and I want to reflect Christ. and I worry that I'll screw up one of those.

ok, I have something else to write about, but this is the seventh time my computer has erased that particular paragraph. So i'm going to wrap this up and try to write a new post about it.

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