Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I tried to write about this in my previous post, but my paragraph disappeared 7 entire times.

I'm gonna try this again.

It's hard to write about because it's not something people want to hear or think about. and some of you will disagree.

I'm talking about sexual exploitation.

See. You're a little squimish now, aren't you? Well, perhaps you should be.

There are hurting people, and I can't stop hearing their hurt voices. So I'm gonna speak up for them.

I've been giving an enormous amount of thought into this. Into thinking about porn.

Whoa, wait, hold up. Porn? Isn't porn just ladies with daddy issues who let guys film them while they screw someone else for money and fame? No. Not usually.

But porn isn't that bad. It's not like I'm hurting anyone. Actually, yes it is.

Ok, ok. Well. If I really think about it, I guess I can see how it would affect me badly. I can see how some people call it a sin because they're 'thinking' about having sex with someone other than their spouse. And that can mess up my intimacy and my purity. So if I obstain from viewing it, the problem goes away, right? Dead wrong.

The more I learn about porn, the more I am convinced that it is rape on tape.

There are probably videos of people having sex out there where both/all parties consented, were not wasted or otherwise coerced or threatened, who simply enjoyed having sex and wanted to share their joy with the masses.

But from what I'm learning, they are few and far between.

I've been reading what this ex-porn star has been trying to tell people. That the abuse that happens on porn sets is unspeakable. That if we knew what was truly happening, that we'd see it as more menacing than we do now.

I've read what seems like an endless amount of information about sex trafficking. And how closely it is related to porn.

I've prayed daily for the exploited, the tricked, the suckered, the weak, the poor, the easily ensnared. I've begged God to stop the abuse. To rescue them.

Yesterday, I prayed for the 'johns.'

I support, financially and prayerfully, several different organizations where people are out there identifying where abuse and trafficking is happening. Specifically, IJM, Love146, Not for Sale, Tiny Hands International, and Unearthed Pictures. I have a friend who recently went to a strip club with gifts and letters for the ladies. Her husband talked with the dudes who worked there. My friend wasn't allowed access to the girls. She wasn't allowed to talk to them. Wasn't allowed. What does that tell you? We are planning on getting together every once in a while to pray for and write letters to these ladies.

There are LOTS of people who agree with me that slavery and abuse and rape and trafficking is wrong. But there are LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of people who are making money off these people (humans, created by God with love to SHINE and live abundantly) and so the oppressors are smart and organized and armed and dangerous and protected by corrupt people in power, and they currently outnumber those of us who are willing to fight for these people.

I write all this to plead with you to join me. To join those of us who believe that God CAN and WILL rescue us from this idea that it's ok to exploit people. To open people's eyes to what they are supporting when they view porn. To encourage others to pray for those who have been/are being abused, enslaved, used, kidnapped and killed so that someone else can get rich. To pray for the victims to find healing. For the victimizers to find redemption. For the johns to be given grace and the opportunity to turn around and help the women, men and children of the world who need them to stand against this kind of exploitation. and for justice to rain down.

This is what I've been thinking about. This is what I want you to think about. This is what I hope you will join me in praying about. Let's agree with God that sex is supposed to be pleasurable and not a means to hurt others. Let's expose this for what it is and choose to do something, anything, to help put an end to the abuse.

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