Monday, October 24, 2011


I did a photoshoot over the summer of Gillian. I wanted it to feel colorful and otherworldly, I guess. We grabbed some fabric and some accessories and headed to the backyard. Jack spent most of the shoot running through the grass naked. Josh eventually took him inside and put his Batman pjs on. Such a sweet big brother.

Anyway, I LOVE the way these turned out. Gillian is a natural poser. She gets these ideas of how she wants to look in her head and just does it. I rarely have to give her many cues. I just show up and click the camera. And because she's hilarious, we end up cracking up most of the time. and scratching the occassional itchy armpit.

I want to do one for the boys that looks like they're camping or something. Having some sort of adventure. I'm trying to figure out the details, but it should be fun. and I'm post them when I'm done. Eventually.

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jennifer anderson said...

wow what an incredible head of hair!