Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Park Day and Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Love, the most handsome Josh ever!!!!

He insisted on wearing a tie and his hair spiked today to his class's Valentine's party.  Wonder if he was trying to impress anyone in particular....

Yesterday was SOOO nice outside, so we packed up a picnic lunch and walked over the park.  Yes, there's snow everywhere still, but it was nearly 65 degrees in the sun!  Jack has been feeling yucky for the past few days, and I thought he could use some good ol' Vitamin D from the sun.  It's been so cold recently that I haven't been taking many photos.  It was really fun to follow the kids around with my camera as they played.  I've missed it!


 Josh loves pjs almost as much as I do.  Almost.
 Eat your heart out, girls!  These lashes are for real!

l o v e

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