Monday, February 07, 2011

be mine

My mom sent us a package for Valentine's Day, and we got it today.  They each got these little ladybugs from Hallmark that have a zippered pouch on the back to put stuff (who am I kidding?  It's for candy!) in and little clothspin-like hands that you can put little notes in.  I'm pretty sure I will be making little flags that say something like "Way to Go, Josh!" and "Great job, Jack!" and "I knew you could do it, Gillian!" for their little bugs to hold and cheer them on.  So cute!  Of course, my mom already filled them with a ton of candy and a little notepad and glitter (!) gel pen.  oh yeah.

She also sent us a tin of Williams & Sonoma shaved chocolate.  Similar to hot chocolate, but it isn't a powder, it's shaved (oh my goodness!) chocolate!  dude.  I love drinkable desserts.  Yummo!

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