Saturday, December 04, 2010


All we've ever done for Advent was get one of those thin boxes that has the little perforated panels that flip open to reveal a Scripture verse and a tiny piece of chocolate.  We shared one *ONE* of those last year with 3 kids.  They were gracious and took turns, and I think we only had half of a meltdown one morning.  The only reason we even had an Advent calendar was to countdown to Christmas.  In our heads, we were getting one day closer to an onslaught of presents and food and getting together with family.  I'm trying to change that up this year.

My mother in law is a consultant for Stampin Up, and I hosted a show for her a while back.  I bought this Calendar Kit from the party and assembled it this week.  I haven't done it yet, but the plan is to put 3 little treats in each.  The kids will each get to have a little something while we enjoy the second part of our daily Advent observation. 

*notice the MERRY banner hanging above the Advent calendar.  My mother in law is selling them this season as well.  You can go here for more info and to order your own.  I've now ordered 4 of them!

I went through the kids' books and found several Christmas-themed books.  I also went to my local Goodwill and found some more.  I gathered them all up and wrapped 24 of them.  For each day of Advent, we open a book and read it together.  We had received tons of Christmas books from a homeschooler a few years ago on Freecycle.  A lot of them are just about Santa and snowmen and elves, but there were also several about Jesus. 

I don't want my kids solely being concerned with their gifts each Christmas.  I want their hearts to welcome Jesus.  I want them to realize what He did for us.  I want them to think about what He's still doing for us and through us.  I want us to focus on Him.

So each day, we open a book and sit on the couch together, and we turn all our attention to Him.  We spend a few minutes each day worshipping Him.  We ask questions and share times when we have felt the Lord moving in our lives.  My kids are little, and we're having a blast doing this.

We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible.  During breakfast in the mornings, we're reading a story a day leading up to the Birth of Jesus story on the 24th.  

Jack is ready for Day 3!


I got these ideas from my beautiful, brilliant sister in law.  You can see how their family is observing Advent and her other amazing ideas on her blog here.  Her idea of the Jesus stocking is so beautiful.  I know.  I send you guys over there all the time.  I have no original ideas.  I just copy hers. 

What do you guys do for Advent?  Any Christmas traditions?

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