Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Banner Kits

My sweet Mother in Law is making these {give thanks} banner kits.  There are also several Christmas options available.

(I'm ordering some for me and some for this years' teacher gifts!)

Here's the info:

{give thanks}

$8 ready to assemble kit

$12 sewn


$7 ready to assemble kit

$10 sewn


$6 ready to assemble kit

$9 sewn

{adore Him}

$8 ready to assemble kit

$12 sewn


names, happy birthday, alphabet, etc.

email for quote

.{upgrade to priority mail}

$3 per order

* you can assemble your kits by either sewing them to the ribbon

with a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine

or by stapling the cards to the ribbon (I've done both - both look beautiful.)

* if you would like to customize your colors, include a note in your order notes

or email directly tmshapiro@gmail.com!

To order online, you can go to my sister in law's website and scroll down to select whichever banner kits you would like.  Add to cart and voila!  So simple and so cute!!!

For questions or custom quotes, email directly tmshapiro@gmail.com


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