Saturday, June 19, 2010

photos pt. 1

Seems God has been really pushing me to do more with my photography. I've had a lot of gigs recently. Which has been awesome! I'm not, not, not a business person. I just don't think like that. But it seems God wants me to take this hobby to the next level. We'll see. I'm shooting my brother's wedding next month, and I may be hired to shoot another wedding next year or later this year. Boy o boy!

You may remember Kim and Andrew's engagement shoot that I did last fall. Just a few weeks ago, I was honored to shoot their wedding. They are such a cool couple, and Kim has the BEST taste! I loved this wedding!

(No, I did NOT tell them to do this. They are just naturally that good. ;))

(Kim's Dad and Stepdad thought holding shotguns up to the groom would be hilarious. Andrew felt the need to check the barrels before he let us do this shot. I don't blame him!)

I also had the pleasure of taking a friend of mine's family photos. She and her sister and both of their families are moving from Colorado to Virgina. They wanted to get some family portraits in the Garden of the Gods and at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. My kids got to come along for the shoot, which was really fun! We love these families and are sad to see them move. I sure hope that we can see them all again sometime!

(This is a rock formation in the Garden of the Gods called 'Kissing Camels.' Cool, huh?)


Jessica said...

Hey there - I just stumbled across your blog! I love your header and clear pictures. Also, I found myself smiling at all your images of the children. Have you ever thought of going into child photography?
Have a great day!!

chloeadele said...

Thanks, Jessica. I am trying to do more with my photography. and I certainly love kiddos. Maybe someday this will be more than just a fun hobby. :)

thanks for stopping by!