Saturday, June 19, 2010

photos pt. 2

Here are some more photos. We've been doing a lot around town recently, and I've been taking photos like a maniac. We recently drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park. We were gone from our house for 7 hours and only hiked for 30 minutes because pretty much as soon as we got into the park and hit the trail, it started raining. When the rain turned into a large hail storm, we had to head back to the car. The kids were cranky from the long drive, but we had to turn around and do it all over again. Not happy campers. But while we were there, it was awesome! Lots of snow still on the ground. So gorgeous! I loved the elk that we saw. I especially love the shot of the one elk turning his head up to taste the falling rain.

I was the official photographer for my church's Family VBS this past week. I shot photos like the one below of the families during dinner, and then went around during the various activities to get shots of everyone having fun. I had a blast, but *oh my goodness!* it is exhausting work! Children's Ministers are heroes.

A sweet friend of mine from Texas came up for the HOW conference a few weeks ago. When her conference was over, she stayed in CO for a bit to visit with me and my family. She's a fellow artist/photographer, so I took her to the Botanic Gardens so that we could snap some pics. We also did some exclusively 'Colorado' things, like driving up Mt. Evans and eating Beau Jo's Pizza. It was so nice seeing her and chatting with her. My kids really enjoyed her visit. Here are some of my favorite shots from the Gardens trip. I've never gotten a good photo of a dragonfly so I was super pleased that these turned out so well.

Gillian had her last day of school recently, and when she came home, I had a Slip N' Slide set up and the game of horseshoes. We ate popsicles and played for hours. It was so much fun!

My Mom and Stepdad also came up this past week to celebrate their anniversary and visit with us. Jack is normally pretty shy and doesn't like grown ups right away. But he took to his Gramie and Papaw within seconds of meeting them. I've been his Mama for 20 months, and up until this week, he has pretty much refused to call me Mom. He has called me 'Lisa,' 'Dada,' even 'Uncle.' But after only 20 minutes with my folks, he was calling out for 'Papaw.' Unbelievable! ;)

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