Tuesday, April 20, 2010

more spring flowers

We walked the loooong way home yesterday after picking up Gillian from school. I had seen this pretty tree with white flowers (I'm awful with names of trees. I have no idea what kind it is) up against a bunch of red bricks and knew that I wanted to take photos there. It was a nice little walk through our neighborhood, and I think these pictures speak for themselves. pretty pretty pretty!!

Are you as excited as I am to visit your local botanic gardens/arboretum this spring?! I knew you'd be. There's a free day coming up at the Denver Botanic Gardens this week, but I messed up and forgot all about that and scheduled to have the moms from my MOPS group over that morning. Guess I'll just have to pay the admission and actually avoid the free-day crowds soon. (Yay!!!) Maybe Hubby can be bribed into watching the kids so that I can all by myself! (I just gasped. That would be huge. like, HUGE! Wonder what I could bribe him with.... I'm thinking amazing pictures of flowers wouldn't be payoff enough for him.) :)


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Beth said...

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