Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We've had a lot going on recently. I will start seeing a counselor about my weirdness next week. Ben started a month long contract job. He texted me multiple times yesterday telling me how much he was enjoying it. He really hopes that they will hire him on full time after the month is over. They have a position they are trying to fill and needed someone to do the job in the meantime. But there are a few candidates besides Ben up for the position, and he's worried that he won't be picked. He's very good at what he does, and he's usually easy to get along with, so of course, we're hoping they pick choose him. But a company in Dallas, TX and Portland, OR are also trying to woo him into a position with them. The one in Portland is trying hard to get him to agree to move us there. We'd prefer not to move though unless we're moving back to Dallas. I've been in love with the Pacific Northwest for about a decade now, and I finally have an opportunity to move up there. But in the last 6 months or so, I've realized just now much I love the sun. How much I NEED the sun. So I'm concerned that I would get up there and need to be on anti-depressants, having grown up being scorched by the Texas sun. We'll see. I'll go wherever my sweet hubby needs us to go, and I'll make us a home there.

Speaking of sun, yesterday Gillian had a day off of school, and it was Free Day at the Denver Zoo, so I packed up my zoo and went to see the animals. Here are some pics from the day.

Naturally, we spent a lot of time near the lions, as they are Gillian's favorite animal, and they don't have sharks or dinosaurs (Josh's favorites). I had never seen the animals this animated before. There were about 5 giraffes that were all outside playing. The hippo was *very* angry at something. He was growling and stomping and running. You wouldn't think those things can move as fast as they can, but am I ever glad that I was not in the habitat with him! As the sun was setting, we went back to the lions and caught the male roaring and walking around in the sun. Fascinating! All in all, a fabulous time. It was barely 40 degrees, and I went with my three little kiddos by myself. Ben called me the Queen of Awesome. :)

We also had two new babies born in close proximity to each other recently, and I got to visit with both of them last week. My new little niece is Miss Zola Olive. (How sweet is her name?!) And the other baby was Ben's cousin's new little son, Xander. I will post pictures of them soon. For now, I've got to get my crew ready for dinner at Olive Garden (thanks for the gift cards, Dad!) and Awana tonight. Have a good night!


The Princess said...

you took amazing pictures! What kind of cam? Have you taken classes?

chloeadele said...

Hi Princess, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I mostly just taught myself. and I've read a lot about photography online. I now use a Canon Rebel XT with a telephoto/macro Sigma lens. And then I tweak all my photos in Photoshop before I share them.