Wednesday, November 25, 2009

recent pics

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, and we have a sweet friend over. Her name is Audrey, and she's wonderful. We all adore her. She's the daughter of a friend of mine, Nicole. Here's a shot from a photoshoot that her mom and I did with the kids recently. Our girls have been friends since they minute they meet. Very sweet.

Nicole and Audrey. Aren't they adorable?!

Gillian was invited to the birthday party of a friend from kindergarten recently, and they had bubbles. Lots of bubbles. I love these shots. I also love the one with Jack on the little vehicle expressing his excitement.

I saw a photo online of a lady with a peacock feather over her eye. It was so cool that I tried to replicate it. I must have bought a super feathery peacock feather because having the feather over my eye looked weird. but the Speak No Evil look works. Dontcha think? :)

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