Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Little Girl is Growing Up

In case you haven't noticed, school has started once again. We are now waking up at 6:30am every weekday to get dressed and force a bit of breakfast down our throats before walking to class to drop off a 1st grader. That's right, Miss Gillian is in the first grade. How ridiculous is that?! Here are a couple of pictures from her first day.

If you need further proof that this little girl is not so little anymore - check this out. Gillian turned 7 on Saturday!
Here's a look back in time.

Gillian at 7 weeks.
One year old.

Two years old.

Three years old.

Four years old.
Five years old.

Six years old.
and now....

We had a party, and of course, it had to have lots of lions, her favorite animal. I made her a cute little Narnia shirt, since her own personal motto is "For Narnia and for Aslan!" I made lion cookies, a lion cake, and we had Turkish Delight, which is the snack that Edmund asks from the White Witch upon entering Narnia. Gillian and her friends played Pin the Tail on the Lion, and I hid a dollar bill in a balloon and had them sit on them to bust them until they found the prize. It was a fun party, and most importantly, Gillian really enjoyed it.

Here are some more cute pictures of Gillian from the first week of First Grade. I wanted to take cute pictures; she wanted to try out some poses. Yeah ok, G, whatever you want.

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