Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Colors

Having lived in Texas my whole life, I hadn't personally seen those extreme changes in color that supposedly happen in Autumn that I'd always heard about.
Until now.

Yesterday, Ben's mom and sister and our crew set out for higher elevation and came across such gorgeousness that I thought my eyes would pop right out. And I'm nice enough to share it with you. You're welcome.

(Disclaimer: I'm really not a mean 'ol mommy. When I left the house, I had no grand aspirations of freezing my young children. I'm going to go ahead and plead insanity due to pregnancy-brain. The higher we got, the more snow we encountered. Duh, I know. I think at our highest elevation, it was 45 degrees outside, and we were all dressed in short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts. In fact, I had on a tank top. Luckily, I had the kids' jackets and a hoodie of mine in the car to share with my frozen family. Ben didn't want to take my jacket at first, but then I reminded him that I'm preggers, and that I create an enormous amount of heat without the extra layers. I didn't have to explain myself twice.)

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