Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

The other day, Josh and I were walking to Gillian's school to go pick her up. As usual, Josh was racing ahead while I waddled behind. Not wanting him to dash across driveways without me being able to see if a car was pulling in or out, I shouted for him to stop and come back closer to me. As he turned his head (to see if I was close enough to grab him and spank him if he didn't obey), he tripped and smacked into the pavement. I watched in horror as his head bounced when it hit.

You've probably never seen a big 'o pregnant momma run so fast in your life!

Considering the impact, he only had a scrape on his forehead. It stayed pink for a few days, but it never swelled or anything. Phew! And he had scrapes on his hands and knees. He had been holding his drink and a toy dinosaur, and they got scraped up too because even in his fall, he didn't release them to make his own impact less.

When I got to him and picked him up, he asked me to carry him the rest of the way to the school. Yes, I'm 8 months pregnant and realize that I'm not supposed to be lifting anything heavy, but a momma's gonna do what a momma's gotta do. Perhaps it's the Texan in me, but the phrase "Git er done" flew into my brain more than once as I struggled to carry him the rest of the way with his sweet, fat arms wrapped tightly around my neck and with Jack pushing against whatever it was sitting on top of his womb.

As we were standing outside the school, waiting for Miss G to come out, Josh got asked about what happened to his head. With no hesitancy, he puts on his pouty face, executes the perfect little fake sniffle and says "Mommy tripped me." WHAT?! As I scrambled to explain what REALLY happened, I didn't find his remark all that funny. But I do now! :)

Josh isn't the only kid around here with zingers of note. Ben's dad is in town this weekend and so a Family Day was arranged. Many of my husband's family live here in Colorado, and we all try to get together at least once every other month or so. It's really lovely, and I've enjoyed getting to know that side of our family.

Ben's sister works at a wine shop and had brought some bottles with her to Family Day. Because there's something a bit off about drinking good wine out of 20 oz. purple plastic cups, she asked Grandma if there were any other glasses they could use. As some nice glasses were being laid out on the kitchen table, Gillian comes in from the backyard and informs me that she needs a drink. I asked her where she'd put her cup so that I could refill it, and she says, "No Mom. I'd like to use the stemware."


Where does she learn this stuff?! We all cracked up. I have zero pieces of stemware in our house. In fact, I don't believe I've ever owned a wine glass. (I'm of the lot who doesn't see a thing wrong with drinking wine out of 20 oz. purple plastic cups, but it's apparently not a popular opinion.) I'm pretty sure she picked up that word from watching the Food Network with me. It's amazing how much they absorb at this stage in their life. Little sponges, all of them.

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