Tuesday, September 23, 2008

photoshop magic

I LOVE Photoshop. It's definitely one of my favorite hobbies. I love to take pictures and play with them to create different looks. I wanted to show you an example of what Photoshop can do for your pictures.

Here's a picture taken of my daughter. I haven't done anything but shoot the picture.

Here's the same photo with some heavy post-processing. (ok, perhaps a bit TOO processed...)

And again, here's the same photo in black and white, where I kept the colors of her eyes.

Pretty neat, right? A lot of the photos you'll find on my blog will have been tweaked a bit in Photoshop so that not all of the pictures of my kids have chocolate pudding swiped across a cheek or mac n cheese caked below their bottom lip. I love those shots though and always keep the originals, but there's something just so pleasing about a clean-faced child.

Another fun thing to do is to add things into pictures. On a recent trip around the neighborhood, we spotted these fun characters.

Yeah, I was really stretching it with that last one, but I still think it's fun! Some people are just born hands-on crafty. I'm much more creative digitally. Can't wait to upload some Baby Jack photos into Photoshop! soon. soooooon!!!

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Courtney Orrange said...

i want photoshop so bad.. maybe someday!! like i really need another reason to play on the computer though!