Sunday, February 24, 2008

The MOTHER of all Announcements.

Well, maybe not. But I am thrilled to announce that we are expecting our third child! We're about a month into the construction of our new family member.

Shhh. I'm secretly praying for twins, but don't tell hubby. He might faint! And since twins run strongly in his dad's family, I've got genetics on my side.

I am extremely excited as we have been trying to get pregnant for two years. I have adenomyosis in my uterus, so it's been very difficult and frustrating. You might remember a few months back, I posted about how much I wanted more children and how my doctor had said that after the shots, there would be a small window of time where it would be possible that we could conceive! IT WORKED!!!!

What's funny is that this past Friday, my daughter was telling everyone at our Messianic Congregation that I was pregnant with a girl and that she was naming her Jilliet. So I had all these ladies coming up to me and asking when I was due. Beats me, I thought. Isn't that strange? What's even weirder is that I had had suspicions earlier that day because I was a bit nauseous and my back was killing me. And no, I hadn't shared my suspicions with my daughter. I just blew it off assuming it was because I hadn't eaten well and had been carrying large boxes around for weeks. Well, no more heavy lifting for me! I got home from church that night and remembered that I had a spare test that I hadn't used yet, so just to be certain that I could be lifting things to pack, I took the test. I certainly wasn't expecting to be expecting! Praise God!

Please pray for an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby(s). :)

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