Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

Boulder's University of Colorado's mascot is the buffalo, and we live about 10 miles outside of Boulder. We are moved in, not totally unpacked yet, and settling into our new life here in Colorado. The kids and I got here almost 2 weeks ago. Our stuff was delivered a week ago. I gotta tell ya, that POD business is the way to go! If you are moving, I can't recommend that service enough. Of course, we didn't use the official PODs, we used a cheaper knock-off, but they were outstanding.

We are loving having a backyard. We've been out there everyday, even the days when there was snow everywhere. We went hiking on Monday. We found this trail that some website said was kid friendly. It was soooo steep! We were all breathing heavy about 100 feet in! How pathetic is that?! But we pushed on and completed the 1.8 mile round trip. Hubby was distressed by the vast amount of mud. I guess he hadn't figured that melting snow plus dirt trails equals mud. But I loved it. My philosophy is if you haven't been bitten by something, scorched by the sun or gotten dirty, then you haven't REALLY played outdoors.

I have a bit more morning sickness these days that I had before. I'm just overly sensitive right now to smells. That last week that I was finishing packing in Dallas, I got the flu. I wouldn't get off that air mattress for hours. We even had to push back the day we had planned to leave because I just couldn't finish the work. Oh, it was awful. and then one morning, Josh woke me up to tell me that I was all wet. My fever had broke, and I had saturated that silly air mattress. eewwww! but I did feel a great deal better and continuously improved. The nice thing about it, if there can be a nice thing about having the flu, was that I couldn't smell for over a week. But then once I got to Colorado, and hubby's friend from Dallas flew up to help us unload our knockoff POD, my sense of smell came back stronger than ever. And the bad thing is that hubby's friend smoked, so hubby smoked and everytime I opened a box from Dallas, it smelled like smoke. Even the kids' toys and clothes! Hubby never smoked in the house, but I guess that stuff just gets into everything anyway. Sooooo nasty! So I've been overly sensitive to that particular odor. And overly emotional when hubby continues this particular habit. I have not been the most understanding or loving wife recently because of it. It's hard to be all affectionate with your mate when their smell sends you running for the loo. ugh.

So Mr. Josh is turning 3 on Sunday. I can't believe it. He's such a great kid. Yesterday, he was helping me break down some boxes and carry them to the garage. Then he picked up a bag of old cassette tapes of mine. To him it was pretty heavy, but he still managed to get it out the front door and over to the garage. The whole time he was informing me what a tough guy he is. "Mommy, look. I'm tough. I'm a tough guy." I thought that was awesome. Last night, we played Disney Princess Monopoly, and it would crack me up when he would cheer "yes" after every single roll of the die. Hysterical. I'm making him a Lightning McQueen cake, and we're having hubby's sisters and all the cousins over after church on Sunday for hot dogs, cake and ice cream. I'm looking forward to having a get together in our house. We're so far away from all the rest of our family that it's unlikely it will happen often. We live about an hour away from Denver. But the Joshinator's birthday is cause for celebration! yippie!

Here are some recent pics. Enjoy!


Chris Freeland said...

I'm so sure you just used the word "loo" in your post.

chloeadele said...

haha! I have many influences. I even speak in different dialects on a fairly regular basis. You just never know...