Monday, February 18, 2008

My Happy Place

I used to be all old-world in my taste for decorating. But I have recently fallen hard for these bright, saturated, bold colors! There are so many artists out there right now who are making amazing things. When I need a pick me up, I just browse through their blogs and shops. I get really giddy.

Here are some of my favs:

Diana Fayt – Ceramic extraordinaire

Thompson Family-Life – a true feast for the eyes

sheye rosemeyer – my heart soars here

little birds handmade - adorable little sewn things

bella dia – crochet diva

hello my name is heather – paper crafting darling

SoulaMama – she has such a FUN house

Angry Chicken – in particular the Japanese craft book stuff

Simple Sparrow – all things lovely

Felt garland step by step

Carrie Young – photographer

Pancake Meow – look at that name. how can you not click here?

Posie gets cozy – all things cozy and rosy

m. patrizio – illustration, crocheted creatures and cute stuff

One good bumblebee – simply adorable goodies

Mamarazzi School – where auto mode is for sissies

Photojojo – totally groovy things to do with pictures

Blabla Kids – adorable kids clothes and accessories

Mood Swing Studio – Baubles for every state of mind

Pink Sparrow’s Etsy shop – amazing felt happiness

Flatten Me – Your photo – their story – your adventure

Memmert Sign Co. Old-timey looking metal signs

Announcing Baby – My all-time favorite place to look for cards

And here's some pictures just to give you a tasty treat. Click on the links above for the four-course meal. What a feast for the eyes!
so simple. so darling.
Chalkboard paint on the kitchen cabinets. I soooo want to do this.

This chandelier wants me to copy it. It told me so.

Good gravy! Pom pom garland!

Speaking of garland: I really want to do this for Christmas this year. (yes, I realize that it's only February, but seeing that I have no skills whatsoever with a needle and thread, it would be best if I started now.)

finished product

I am sooo not a purse girl. I don't give a hoot about designer purses. I prefer the biggo, honkin' bags you just sling across your chest and go. But this cute little thing puts a skip in my step and my heart.

recycle, renew, reuse...

Can we organize? Yes, we CAN!

I'm an artsy fartsy kinda gal. So this stuff makes me swoon. You may be wondering, how is it that I am able to post such a long, highly graphic entry when I'm supposed to be packing? Well, I needed the distraction. Ahh. That's better. Now, back to my regularly scheduled evening of packing and painting...

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Erica said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog but wanted to let you know that I love the pom pom garland! I will do it for sure for Christmas with my girls.

And I also love the organizer for the kitchen. Did you nail the cans to a piece of wood, glued them, ???? Great idea!