Thursday, January 03, 2008

Daughter after my own heart

Oh, sigh. I have the COOLEST kids ever.

Yesterday, we were driving to Target after dropping some stuff off with a friend. I told the kids that I would get them some popcorn or a pretzel before we started looking around if they wanted. So Gillian says, "I don't want to wait to be in that store. I want to be there right now."

We've had many, many conversations recently about patience. She wants no part of it.

I suggested that she invent a teleporter if she doesn't like to wait. That way she can just be there in an instant.

She says," Ok mom, I'll be an inventor."

I laugh and say, "Gillie, if you invent a teleporter, you will be a very, very rich inventor."

She turned her nose up and groaned, "Mommmm! I don't want to be rich. I want to give my money to the poor!"

Oh, swoon. What a heart! This girl is amazing. I told her that God probably giggled at that one. She said "Yeah, I like to make Him smile."

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