Saturday, January 05, 2008

God Chases Us

There was a book a few years back called the “God Chasers” saying that we should passionately pursue God, desperately chase Him.

As if He is going anywhere.

I’m not bashing the book. To be honest, I’ve never read it. Maybe the author says what I’m about to. I think that God has watched us wander, drift and outright run away from Him. He has been the one chasing us.

He chases us when we run. He finds us when we hide. He forgives us and loves us when we break His heart.

Who am I that He would even bother to chase me down after I had turned my back on Him and everything He’d ever done for me?

He is chasing us all down to love us, to blindside us with mercy, to bathe us in forgiveness and grace, and wash our filth clean off.

One day we will all be gathered up. No matter how far away we run from Him, He will absolutely catch us. But it must feel nice for Him to look down now and see some of us desperately clinging to Him, holding on tightly, whitening our knuckles with our faith…

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