Monday, July 09, 2007

Rock On!!!

My kiddos have a 'rock' collection outside our front door. Every time we step outside, the kids step into their rock-seeking mode, always bringing back treasures and adding them to their collection. The other day, Gillian brought some of her new treasures into the car with her, and Josh was insisting (rather desperately and repeatedly) that she let him hold one. Gillian, not wanting to share, said "Josh, there is more to life than rocks. There are pebbles and stones too."


Elizabeth said...

It is a great song! My sister was the voice of Rainbow Sherbet and she's singing in that song. She has the lower voice of the 2 girls. (:

chloeadele said...

that is sooo cool. we love watching the strawberry shortcake show and movies. what a fun job for your sister!

God bless you!