Monday, July 09, 2007

From the mouths of babes

My sweet son, Josh, is nearly 2 1/2 years old. He amazes me with some of the things he says, and I thought I'd record them here.
  • "MOM! Look! It's a butterfly in a rainforest." "Where?" I ask. "In my shirt."
  • "Hella-popper" = helicopter
  • "Mom, HELP!" What is it?" I ask. "Dat bugs gunna eat my hair."
  • When we pray, he folds his hands, bows his head, and tries to repeat everything I say outloud.
  • At a baseball game in an outdoor stadium, Josh was fascinated by all the airplanes flying overhead. He knew they were airplanes and said so many times. But one time, really loudly and shaking his finger for dramatic affect, he shouted, "Look, guys! It's a rocket ship!"
  • He and I play a game where we crawl around on the floor and chase each other. The fun part is saying "I'm gonna get you" in a very high pitched squeal, followed by "I'm gonna get you" in a deep, low-pitched growl. At the same baseball game, out of the blue, he turned around and looked at the young 20-something behind him, and growled "I'm gonna get you." It really freaked her out!
  • We have another thoroughly enjoyable game where he and I say back and forth "You're a copycat." "No, you're a copycat." "No, YOU'RE a copycat!!" My husband refuses to stoop to our level.
  • We also exercise together in my living room. I have a video that I exercise to, and the kids like to join me. I have a few weights that I use, while the kids grab whatever toy is nearby to intensify their workout as well. One time, about halfway through the video, Gillian plopped on the floor and said she was pooped. So Josh also fell theatrically on the floor and exclaimed that he too was poop.
  • We had a dog for a month. A very sweeet dog that we all treasured, but who didn't like us very much and gave Josh and I allergies pretty badly. His name was Zen and for whatever reason, I called him Zennie-Poo. Josh has never called him anything but Zennie-Poop. In fact, I've heard him recently telling the ladies who watch him in the nursery at church that he misses his Zennie-Poop.
  • Every time we go into the bathroom or near a pool, or when he suspects we're near a small body of water, he starts screaming repeatedly, "I wanna go in da water!" This boy LOVES water. He loves water so much that I frequently catch him brushing his teeth and washing his hands several times a day just to be near it.
  • We were driving very early in the morning to Houston from Big D a few weeks ago so that the kids would sleep through the drive. When Josh woke up, the first thing out of his mouth was "I like cheese."
  • And my all-time favorite: Josh will grab my ears and pull me close to his face and say "I love you, Mom. I love you."

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