Friday, June 29, 2012


Now that i'm back to being myself, i've thinking more about spiritual stuff. I'm drawn to praying at specifc times a day. Not because i think God commands it, but because it would force me stop what i'm doing to praise God. I think humility,hope and a more intimate relationship with God would come from that, and i could certainly use more of that! I know some pray for themselves right now and for any urgent needs their friends may need brought to the feet of Jesus.i know we frequently pray for those who don't believe that God loves them and wants to save them. But i made this silly observation the other day. Christian parents pray for their kids' future friends, teachers and spouses. We pray for these children before they are born. I know some circles pray to saints who are already enjoying the inheritance of living with their sweet Father in Heaven.they ask them to join them in praying. So it got me thinking - we pray for current needs, we pray for future needs - so can we not pray for someone who lived in the past? Like praying for the Acts church, or for Blaise Pascal, that my prayer for his pain to ease and his joy in the Lord increse could actually be honored by God. Time is a mystery, but prayer seems like one those things that could transcend time. Maybe. I also saw a definition for the word 'steep.' To immerse completely, to draw out the flavor of the tea leafs. Only drowning in hot water can a tea bag truly live up to its potential. So, if i want to find my God-given potential, i may need to spend some time in some really hot water. Also also, the spire on top of a church is called a steeple. I think it's more of an architect word than a religious word, but i like the idea of people gathering together, ready to sit with you in your hot water, so that we can have something alluring and pure and flavorful to give to the thirsty. Just a thought. Just a thought.

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