Saturday, July 30, 2011

trying hard

I recently took a Zumba class at my gym. It was outstanding! My bedroom growing up had sliding, mirrored closet doors. It was like having a dance studio in my room. My sister and I used to jump around and dance and try to move like Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson. Being in a room with a bunch of sweaty ladies during Zumba reminded me of that. Glorious.

I liked it so much that I even got a Zumba video so that I could get that kind of workout whenever I wanted.

While I was doing the video tonight, Gillian asked me if it was hard. "Yes," was about all I could gasp out.

"You're very sweaty," she observed.

"Uh huh." (boom chick boom chick boom chick)

"Why do you try so hard?"

"Because calories are stubborn. And it's exciting to do something challenging."

"You're gonna need a bath..."

"I was planning on bathing anyway. Besides, aren't baths more fun when you reallllly need it?"

"But, but it's hard and you're completely gross."

I'm sure there's some greater lesson there (other than I'm more stubborn than calories AND a glutton for punishment), but Gillian is a riot. And I love a good challenge. Especially if I get to sweat.

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