Sunday, June 05, 2011

my kids are hilarious

If you ever want to see pure terror in my little Jack Jack's eyes, just go through those car washes at the gas stations.  He loses his mind with fear.  At least that was what happened last summer.  I thought maybe, just maybe, he'd outgrown that.  So this past week after I filled up the tank, I bought a car wash. 

I told the kids (in my most sing-song voice) "Ok, kids.  Now Jack didn't like these last year.  But hopefully he'll be ok today.  Just act like you are having a good time and be real gentle with him."

Gillian and Josh start calling Jack a 'cutie' and talk about how brave he is.  They ask him all about Thomas the Train (his obsession) to get him in a good mood.  Gillian says, "I hope he doesn't freak out."

And as we turn the corner to enter the car wash, Jack yells out "I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!"

sigh.  Poor baby.  If I was a nice mom, I would've backed up and waited until Ben could watch him before I redeemed my wash.  But apparently, I'm the meanest mommy ever.

He actually did better than last year.  He was upset and cried a little bit.  But it almost seemed like he got used to it or realized that it wasn't as big of a deal as he'd remembered.  He's not totally over it though.  On the way home from church today, Josh told him that if he didn't give him his toy back that Josh was going to take him to the car wash.  (Did I mention we had just been at church?  Way to be kind and considerate there, Josh.)  And he pleaded with me with those big, puppy eyes of his to "No go a car wash!"  I assured him that we were not going to the car wash today.  And I heard him whisper to himself, "No freaking out."

When he's not picking on his brother or being the Best Present Opener EVER, Josh comes up with the funniest little lines.  As I was folding clothes this week, Ben was putting them in the kids' dresser.  He told Josh that he had a lot of pants.  And Josh explained that "It's because I have two legs."


It is seriously always a riot around here. 

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