Thursday, April 01, 2010


Hello there. I've been a bit camera happy recently and thought I'd share some pics from the past few weeks.

We drove down to Ben's Grandpa Lou's place for a visit and played a lot outside because the weather was just so fabulous. The sweet little blondie in the photos is such a doll. She's the daughter of one of Ben's aunts. She loves babies and poor thing couldn't get a loving response out of Jack for anything. Not that she didn't try. She was so tender and friendly with him, and he just pushed her away and said "No!" or "Owww" when she tried to hug him. sigh. Someday he will learn that when a cute girl wants to hug, you should at least smile at the girl!

We also did indeed get well enough to have Josh's Shark Birthday Party. A week after we had initially planned to have it, we had some friends over for Pin the Fin on the Shark and other games, shark-infested-beach cupcakes and an overall very fun time.

Check out this JOSH confetti! So fun! We had these scattered all over the table. :)
I filled up a few of these balloons with candy and one of them with a dollar bill. The kids sat on them, and eventually used toothpicks, to pop as many as possible and collect the goodies inside. Our sweet friend Rachel found the dollar bill and gave it to the birthday boy! So thoughtful!!!
Yes, that is a shark pinata. How cool are we?! Each kid got three swings at it, and the last kid busted it up on his third hit. Perfect!

This little girl is one of my Cubbies from Awanas. She is precious. Josh gave her a little hug as she was leaving. Love it!!
Jack had been trying all day to snag a cupcake and finally got one as I was cleaning up after most everyone left. He saw all the crumbs that fell on the floor after he ate and went up to the kitchen counter and started pointing and grunting (coz that's just about all he does these days to communicate with us. sigh.) at the Dustbuster up there. So I handed it to him, and he proceeded to clean the house with it. Awesome!!
Last evening, we all went outside as the sun was setting. The kids laid in the grass and let me take their photos. Josh was very daydreamy.

Jack was totally not interested in me taking his photo last night. Good thing he and I had sat down in the afternoon for some indoor shots.

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