Wednesday, March 31, 2010

common sense

It makes no sense to me that everyone on my street has a lawnmower. Seriously. We use our lawnmower once a week in the summer. At most. and my neighbors use their lawnmowers once a week. At most. The other 6 days of the week, it just sits in our garages. We all spent $100 or more to own lawnmowers when it makes much more sense to have one lawnmower per 7-ish people. We could all go in on one lawnmower and share it.

And in the process, not only would we all save some money, we'd get to actually have a relationship with our neighbors. "Hey John, I was wanting to come get the mower. Are you free after work?" "Sure Steve, come by for some dinner while you're at it. My kids have been asking to play with your kids."

Do you see how beautiful that is?

And HEY! Since we all had $100 to buy multiple lawnmowers, why don't we take the money we saved by sharing one lawnmower and see if that single mom up the block could use some help with groceries or rent or whatever. We could just put it in an envelope and leave it in her mailbox. Or better yet, we could actually invite her and her kids over for dinner and build a relationship with them too.

It just makes more sense.

Rick McKinley over at Imago Dei wrote about this in his book, This Beautiful Mess. Check it out!

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