Tuesday, January 12, 2010

who she admires

Last week, Gillian informed me that she’d have to dress up like Jesus today. All of her classmates are supposed to dress up like someone they admire today, and she didn’t hesitate in choosing Jesus. After reading in the news a few weeks ago about that little boy who got in trouble for drawing Jesus crucified, I was the one who was hesitant. But I’m more concerned about what me telling her not to go as Jesus would do to her faith, and so this morning, we wrapped her up in a sheet and sent her to class.

I asked her what she was planning on saying when the teacher asked her why she chose Jesus as the one she admires. She said “Well, He turned stones into bread and water into wine.”

“So you admire people who can turn everyday objects into food?” I asked.

“Yes, but He does more than that, Mom. Jesus told us stories to help us remember to love each other and to forgive each other. He loves us even if we’re mean to our brother or lie. And I admire that.”

Well said, Gillian.

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The Princess said...

that was beautiful.