Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today marks our 8th anniversary. Tonight, my beloved and I get to have dinner and a movie together. Well, we usually have dinner together, but this time it's ALONE together! No having to cut up someone else's food or having to see someone turn up their nose at what I've prepared. No having to keep one hand on a certain little 15 month old as he tries to climb out of his seat and onto the table every half-minute.

Nope, just Ben and me. Listening to other parents struggle with their kids because they were genius enough to think they could have a nice family dinner out at a real restaurant!


After enjoying our pleasant, and hopefully yummy, dinner, we're planning to see a movie. Yep, dinner and a movie. Pretty original, I know, but we couldn't be happier!
When my Mamaw and Papaw celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, they flew out to Vegas to renew their vows in the very same chapel that they'd been married in. How amazing is that?! Even more amazing, they also flew all of their children and their grandchildren out to Vegas to celebrate with them. I remember that week so fondly. I've mentioned it to Ben several times, and he thinks we should do it too. So we are one year closer to Vegas! We're keeping our eyes on the prize! (no, we didn't get married in Vegas, but we're going to pretend that we did.) :)
(yes, we work to stay together for many, many more reasons than Vegas in 42 years. But I'm sure you know how strongly we feel about staying married and working through our struggles by now. Am I a lucky girl or what?!)

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