Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I would like to be able to tell you that in the past year I…
  • learned to like all this snow in my yard and my driveway
  • developed an addiction to organizing
  • got out of debt
  • ran a marathon
  • read the entire Old and New Testaments
  • resolved my health issues naturally

Instead, I have to tell you that in the past year I…

  • am still not particularly fond of snow in the suburbs
  • am just as cluttered as always
  • am still in debt
  • only lost about 10 pounds and still can't run very long
  • read the Twilight series. again.
  • still have those blasted health issues and I keep messing up on the diet that could help resolve them naturally

However, in the past year I also…

  • fell more in love with my husband (if that's possible)
  • moved an hour south from where we were 6 months ago
  • managed to keep us all happy and fed despite roller coaster jobs and not knowing when we'd see another paycheck
  • spent a LOT of time reading with the kids and doing crafts with them
  • discovered a love for sewing with felt and eating raw green veggies
  • watched my one year old learn to walk and enjoy his newfound strength and speed (he even dances!)
  • celebrated with my son, Josh, as he begged God into his sweet little heart
  • got more involved at church, teaching Awana cubbies and enjoying the moms at my MOPS table
  • got a Facebook page and have reconnected with friends and family who I thought were long lost

In the next year, I am hoping to…

  • travel to a foreign country (overseas!)
  • vacation in Texas to visit friends and family
  • spend more time in the mountains with my family (maybe camping or staying in a hut)
  • spend more time in God's Word, spending more time enjoying His presence and appreciating all the little (and HUGE) things about Him
  • see Josh excell in Kindergarten and having some one on one time with Capt. Jack
  • prepare Gillian for the tween years
  • lose some of this extra weight that is a burden and a risk; to learn a way to incorporate a little exercise into my daily life
  • find a way to have a few date nights with my hubby

Here's to a fruitful new year!

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