Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Color Photos

Yesterday, we decided to take a trip up into the mountains to see if the trees had changed their colors yet. It was spectacular! Absolutely gorgeous! My daughter even told me during the drive that I needed to practice more self-control. Apparently, I was drooling and whooping and hollering around every turn! Funny stuff. I had brought us all jackets because the last time we drove up here around this time last year, it was snowing, and we were all in t-shirts and shorts! I had a stash of jackets in the car last year and got lucky to have them. So this year, I thought I had it all planned out. But silly me, I thought I'd be too warm in jeans. So I was wearing shorts! And it was snowing again. I should have known!

Regardless, we had such a fun time, and I loved these photos. Especially the ones at the end here of the close-ups of my fam. I think they turned out really nice, and I will treasure them!

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