Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We've been having FUN!

We went swimming with some friends recently and had so much fun! We hadn't seen these friends in a long time. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy such a beautiful day with them. We hung out at the pool for nearly 4 hours. Normally, I would have been a wreck. My kids don't yet know how to swim, and even though I'm a pretty laid back mom, I am a CRAZY person about my kids around water. But I was so relaxed and really enjoyed myself because my kids were wearing their little floaties. The kids even shared a pair of Little Mermaid googles with me, and I got to do all kinds of flips and underwater play that I don't typically get to do because I've usually got a kid or two in my arms. It really was soooo fun!

what's with all the kisses?!! ewwww! (hee hee!)

We went to the Happy Apple Farm in Penrose, Colorado this past Saturday. It was beautiful, and we all had a really fun time gathering 10 pounds of apples to take home with us.

Here is the tractor that dropped us off near the back end of the farm. So we could work our way through the apple trees and end up at the front again. Fun!

Jack helped us gather apples.

He got it!

Jack even got to 'walk' through the rows and rows of apple trees.

Jack investigated the twigs and grass and fallen apples.

Gillie running through the orchard.

Jump Josh!!

There were sunflowers everywhere. So pretty!

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