Tuesday, August 25, 2009

146 days of Love

Love146 is an organization that I support, and I encourage you to check them out.

There is a 14 year old girl in California who recently decided to spread awareness of this issue. She set out to take one photo a day for 146 days that were dedicated to the girls and boys entrapped into slavery. This is one of the coolest 8th graders I know!

Excellent work, Jennifer! God bless you!

Love Protects
Love Defends
Love Restores
Love Empowers

The next few images are some that I created to submit to a contest Love146 had a while back. Mine didn't get picked, but I like them and thought maybe you would too.


Kandace said...

I love the 2nd to last one. I actually found your blog searching for an image for love 146. Is it ok if I snag that to use? I'll link it back to your blog to give you credit.

lisa said...

Kandace, it's fine with me if you use my image to share the work of love 146. Thanks for asking!!!