Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love Letter

Do you have any written letters/emails/cards from someone that was close to you that has died or is no longer around? Maybe a letter written by a soldier that you haven't spoken to in a year or more? Or an email from a dear friend that you are no longer in contact with?

I have a greeting card that I consider very special to me. I keep it in my bible. It was a thank you card, written by my Mamaw Rogers. I had bought her a book and mailed it to her after a she told me how much she wanted it during a visit to Houston to see her. That's all. Just a simple thank you card.

She died nearly two years ago, and this card helps me remember her kindness and her love.

By reading it over and over again, I'm not learning any new information about her. The words don't change. They just express her gratitude for a silly, simple thing that I did to make her happy.

I think reading the Bible must be a little like that. The words don't change to magically point me to the path God wants me to take. The information doesn't change. But in reading it, I feel closer to the One who wrote it. I feel more connected to its Author.

I haven't read through the entire Bible yet. I'm working on it. I've read all of the New Testament and a good deal of the Old Testament. When I'm done, I'm not planning on putting it on the shelf to collect dust. I plan to start all over again. To continue to read it over and over for all of my days. Because I want to feel closer to God. Just like reading my Mamaw's thank you note helps me remember her.

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Chris Freeland said...

That's a really great illustration. FYI - I'm stealing it.

It may go in my book... if I ever get around to writing one. I'll try to remember to give you credit ;)