Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growing Up

Maybe you're totally not interested in hearing about my little tree neighbors, the Robins, but I'm going to post about them again. Because I love them and will miss them when they're gone.

Yesterday, I noticed something was very different in The Nest. Momma was hanging out and not going off the find food as often. She hung out at the nest with her little ones nearly all day. And she was chatting up a storm! I felt certain that she was explaining that the nest is just a small part of their existance, that they will someday soon be strong enough to leave the nest and go make a life for themselves. I imagined she was teaching them how to hunt for food and how to clean themselves and how to fly and how to make a nest of their own in which to raise their own little babies.

Check out this meal fit for a bird. She's holding a worm and a kicking grasshopper in her little mouth. Nice work!

This morning, I looked outside and sure enough, there's only one bird left in the nest. I had actually figured that the two strong ones would leave first, that this little runt of the pack would be left behind until he/she could grow big and strong. And sure enough, he's still there.

Here's the little one. He's only half the size of his siblings. I really hope he makes it. I don't know much about birds, so I don't know if this is typical or not. I was worried that maybe the momma would abandon him, but she hasn't! I saw her bring a hearty meal to her little gu today. YAY!!!

I went outside to see if the little ones were hopping around in my yard, looking for worms and crickets, trying out their wings. And I was very surprised and excited to see one of the babies fly over my head and land on a branch nearby!

After a little while of sitting there, he got all excited and started hopping up the branch. I was sure that he knew Momma was on her way with his turn for a meal. It's really cute to hear them talking to each other.

And then she was off again. But not before beckoning her little one to hop from branch to branch to follow her. He can fly a little, but not for long. You can tell that he's new at this, but I'm just so impressed that he can do it at all! What a trooper.
I never did see his other strong sibling, but I think I heard him/her, and I did see the Daddy going in a different direction. I figure that's where the other one is. I'm so happy for them! Makes me think of how my own kids will one day fly the coop! There's excitement, fear and heartache all rolled up into one huge emotion when I think about it. I just have to remember that they are only in my house for a time, and then they will be off, ready and willing to spread their own wings! I can't wait to watch them soar and make little families of their own. I've heard that birds come back every year to the same spot to raise their babies. They will always remember the home they were nurtured in. Sigh. What beauty. What responsibility! What a life!

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