Sunday, March 15, 2009

Magic Shows and Lemonade Stands

We went to a magic show/pasta bar event the other day hosted by the fabulous Celebration Community Church. They were trying to raise funds to send to Love146, an organization that helps rescue girls caught up in sex trafficking. It was a wonderful event, and I was impressed with the number of families that came! They even had us buy raffle tickets to win some really amazing prizes, like going on a all-day prayer excursion with the pastor, his wife and their jeep, up into the mountains. (that's the one I wanted!) and someone else offered a weekend in their cabin in the mountains and stuff like that. Ben ended up winning a terrabyte harddrive (yeah, I don't really know what that means either) and a 19" flatscreen computer monitor. Some guys have all the luck! In the end, we raised over $3000 to donate to Love146 and were all well fed and greatly entertained by the magician who did some super cool tricks and really hit it off with the little ones!

I had first really explained to Gillian that some kids around the world are tricked into working for no money around Christmas time when she was trying to figure out who to give her money from Santa to. She's asked me a few times about it, and I always explain that they are tricked into being slaves.

I told her that the magic show used all the money we gave them to help rescue and restore some of those slaves. She was so moved that she has been asking me non-stop for the past two days to make a lemonade stand for her so she can raise money to give to Love146 too.


So now I just need to figure out how to make a lemonade stand. :) Maybe if these guys are going to have another Pink Lemonade Brigade!

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