Thursday, March 19, 2009


I find joy in getting to know God more,
in loving my husband
and raising my three kiddos.
I am in bliss when taking photos,
going to a coffee shop by myself
and finding a warm seat by a window
and writing down everything that comes to mind
when I'm reading the bible.
I find joy in having friends over to talk,
who come over even when my house is a complete disaster.
I find joy in hearing that one more child,
who was once called an orphan,
is now called son
or daugher,
sister or brother,
loved by their forever family
I find joy in hiking
and strawberries and
hearing kids have belly laughs.
I find joy in overcoming fears,
by taking on challenges
and discovering that I'm better than I thought.
And I find joy when the dishes are clean,
the sink is empty,
the laundry is folded and put away
and when I go from being exasperated
by the never-ending cycle of those particular jobs
to being so grateful for dishes and clothes and a home that I just want to sing!
I find joy in feeling a baby move inside my womb
and forgetting all about the discomfort of pregnancy and labor
when you first see that precious, wrinkled, little gift from God
belting out a whale of a cry.
I find joy in Davids beating Goliaths.
Listening to a new song that I really dig makes me full of joy.
Finding a pair of jeans
that don't make my butt look so big
calls for a major celebration.
I find joy in playing games with family,
in having adult conversations,
in mimic-ing the goo-goos and the gaa-gaas of babies,
in the Holy Spirit helping me interpret the Will of God.
I find joy in hope,
unconditional love,
and faith.
I find joy just thinking that it might be possible some day
to travel around the world,
to see the different sights,
smell the different smells,
taste the different flavors,
and still see eye to eye
with people much different from me.
I find joy in date nights,
movie nights with the kids,
and nights when hubby and I can just
sit back and enjoy some tv.
I really, really find joy in plopping into bed
at the end of a long, busy day -
the feel of the cool sheets
and soft pillows.
I love soaking in an entirely too hot tub of water,
reading a book until
my body starts feeling a bit loopy from the warmth.
I find joy in coloring my hair,
cutting my hair,
painting my fingernails,
and playing with makeup.
I find joy in knowing that I never,
never ever ever never,
have to go back
to the person I used to be,
that person who felt so alone,
and sad,
that I will always have someone
who loves me just the way I am,
who made the ultimate sacrifice
just so I could be with Him forever,
who wants to wipe away my tears
and be my friend,
my Father,
my Savior,
the Lover of my Soul.

In what do YOU find joy?

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