Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It may be common knowledge that girls living in the same house synchronize their periods. But I am finding out that little boys synchronize their poops.


at least this little heartbreaker has FINALLY found the toilet. (Maybe not from this point forward, but we're having a REALLY successful potty training day today!!!)


Chris Freeland said...

Oh... just wait until he gets older and you figure out all the rules surrounding the synchronization of poops:

They may happen at the same time, but not in stalls next to each other. Courtesy flush is mandatory, and there shall be no talking during pooping. It is acceptable after the synchronized poop to describe the event, but only describing your poop - not the texture, color, smell, or sound of your poop partner. Poop partners must be pooping as well. If no poop is present, they shall not enter the bathroom vicinity, even for #1. If a gentleman walks into the bathroom to do #1 and discovers another gentleman is already in the process of #2 (no matter the number of stalls and urinals), man code decrees that #1 man must find another restroom, or hold it until #2 is complete.

This is just the prologue to the code. You have a lot to learn....

chloeadele said...

you are a riot! holy moley. what have I gotten myself into!!!