Thursday, February 12, 2009

ok this is soooo sweet!

Ben's heading to Dallas for some much needed and much deserved r n' r. He left this afternoon at the same time that we were heading to our pediatrician's for Jack's 4 month check up. The kids got very clingy with their daddy. It was sweet.

They didn't let him leave without a few things from home. Gillie was concerned that he didn't have any snacks, so she gave him a package of M&Ms that my mom had sent her for Valentine's Day. Then Josh did the same. Then Gillian ran around the house and kept yelling for him not to go yet. I had no idea what she was doing. She came back with a stuffed snowman that she got for Christmas. She said she wanted him to take her snowman with him on the trip so that he would have some company for the road. Also to remind him of Colorado. Then Josh gave him one of his favorite hot wheel cars to take.

I nearly burst right there and then.

Just a little bit ago, Ben called and said that I needed to check my email and that Gillian needed to be there when I did. So I called her into the computer room, and in my inbox was a picture from her daddy. It was her snowman, properly restrained with a seatbelt in the front seat.

Seriously. How sweet is that?!

We taught her recently how to call Ben from my phone, so she asked for my phone and called to say thanks. It really made her day!

I love my family!


this is us said...

i've got to admit that I giggled reading this post after having read the last one! where is your trip gonna be for YOUR r-n-r? :)

Love you!

chloeadele said...

gives me a chance to miss the big jerk.


MY r-n-r? come on! i'm a mom. we don't get or NEED rest and relaxation! our lives are completely fulfilled by caring for our hubbies, home and children!

unless you have something in mind...