Monday, January 26, 2009


So apparently, Miss G was having a hard time sleeping. I had seen her awake by the time I was going to sleep some nights (4 hours after she'd been laid down), so I asked her if she was sleeping well. She said that she wasn't, that she was scared to close her eyes. Josh had gotten into dinosaurs recently, and Gillie had a hard time seeing that as a good thing. She's afraid that if she closes her eyes, that she'll dream about dinosaurs chasing her.

I asked her what she thought we might could do to help her relax at night, and being as this particular book was nearby, she suggested that I read her a bible story each night. My mom gave me a Children's Book of Bible Stories a few months ago that I read to the kids every once in a while. So we started reading one story a night. We also pray each and every night for "happy dreams."

After a couple of really good nights of sleep, I asked her teacher if there had been a difference, and she said "Big difference!"


I'm so grateful to worship a God who comforts my daughter. I'm so grateful that He is so good that His story causes her to relax and be comforted.


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