Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Groovy! My sister in law just gave me a Fabulous Blog Award! Thanks Jenn!

So I'm supposed to post 5 blogs that I think deserve a Fabulous Blog Award and then post 5 of my addictions. I'm tagging:






Now I get to find out what their 5 addictions are. But not before you all learn mine.

  • My Camera/Photoshop
  • Beef Fried Rice with Sour Cream and Parmesean (nope, not kidding)
  • LOST and all things LOST-related. Especially talking about LOST and wondering what's next.
  • The smell of walking into a Barnes and Noble. Someone needs to bottle that new book/coffee shop smell.
  • etsy.com, pandora.com, and the ijm institute

(like I can possibly narrow down my addictions to just 5. yeah right!)

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