Monday, February 11, 2008


We went to the park today with our good friend Rebekah. When I think about leaving Texas, my heart just shatters when I think of being away from her. She's been our family's best friend for years now. We love her so much. She is like no other teen you will find out there. She's not disaffected by the world, but rather very engaging and compassionate. Her heart spurs her into action, and I have been greatly inspired and blessed by her example. We've recently discovered that we both have webcams, so I'm sure we'll be on all the time chatting it up. She's also been working her parents over to let her visit this summer. We cherish every second we get to spend with her!
Love you Bekka.
By the way, how about that picture of Miss Gillie? Outstanding! She is just so vibrant! What a light!

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