Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'd like you to meet...

These are my children, Gillian and Joshua. Aren't they beautiful?
Gillian is the friendliest child you will ever meet. She loves everybody. And I do mean EVERYBODY. She jumps into everything she does with both feet and a huge grin on her face. She is extremely independent and wants to grow up right now. She seems to see her family as a platform from which to blast off into the world. Nothing anchors her down. When she was very little, she used to point at every door and window and say "out there." She's always up for an adventure, not satisfied to live life sitting still. It's like she was born with these wings that anxiously urge her to live boldly and courageously. She loves the same way. Complete and strong, instantly forgiving me when I slip up and make a mess of things. Gillian is a star, and she makes everything she comes in contact with shine brightly!
Josh is a little more cautious. Making sure there's a safety net before jumping. Although he attempts riskier, more satisfying conquests than his big sister, he wants assurance that he will not fail before he begins. He is methodical, and less emotional than Gillian, but he is also soft and compassionate. He loves to sit back and observe the world, pondering how everything is done, trying to figure out what makes it all tick. He is most at peace surrounded by family, like a shepherd with his whole flock in place. We seem to be his compass, and I pray that we point him in the right direction.
If you think of it, pray that Ben and I would ignite in them a passion for Christ. Pray that they would be able to resist the lies that young children today are bombarded with, that truth would shine brighter and more alluring that any of the destructive counterfeit lifestyles so many of our youth fall into. Pray that God would call them to have a relationship with Him, and that whether with both feet and a grin or cautiously, they would indeed jump into His grace.


Danny said...


Uncle Danny &
Uncle Uncle Danny

Chris Freeland said...

Gillian? I thought it was Mary Lou...

I'm so confused.

Seriously, who knew a 27 year old man could learn how to tell a good story from such a little girl?

They're stud kids because they live with stud parents. I love your blog.