Saturday, October 16, 2010

What we've been up to

hello there.

So I've been crazy busy since school started back up. So much so that I have neglected posting any photos recently. Oh, I've been taking them. Boy howdy. But I just haven't uploaded any onto this here blog.

until today.

Sooo, since I last posted photos, Josh slayed a dragon:

Jack turned into the cutest 2 year old ever!!

Ben got another year older.

Our bestest friends ever came from TX for a visit. We went to the park one beautiful afternoon while Jack was sleeping.

My baby girl turned 8!!!!!!! She is kind of in love with American Girl dolls. *What 8 year old isn't?*

She had a birthday party with some of her sweet friends from school. We had a lion cake. (for the third year in a row)

Made animals out of marshmallows.

And smacked around a lion pinata. I was surprised that Gillian would be ok with us beating the tar our of a lion-likeness. But she got really into it.

She decided not to use the vacuum-hose-attachment-bat to knock the candy guts from the lion, instead opting for his own fists. No kidding. Gillian punched a lion with her bare hands.

When she wasn't beating up defenseless paper lions (notice she's all kinds of protected by that armor and shield), she was waking up to presents waiting to be opened. Yes, she wears jewels and a tiara with her pjs, first thing in the morning. Don't you?

Her party with her friends happened a couple of weeks after her actually birthday. On her birthday, we had a couple friends and her Grandma come over for cake and ice cream. I had to think fast, as I hadn't come up with a design for her cake yet. Some almond slices/blueberry flowers did the trick.

We went up into the mountains mid-week for a spontaneous hiking trip. Coz you can do that in Colorado. (Can you find Josh in the photo below?)

We went back to the mountains a few weeks later to see the changing colors of the Aspens. Gorgeous!

The kids had a day off of school, and we headed over to my sis-in-law's house to pick plums from her neighbor's tree. They had said that they weren't going to do anything with them, and that we were free to take some. Yay! I've been making this incredible plum upside down cake with them that is outstanding! and now my freezer is stocked with pitted and quartered plums. Yum!

After picking plums, we laid a blanket in our front yard and just sat around the played. I'm telling you, Josh knows how to enjoy a day off of school!!!

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wenstumped said...

These are some really great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love the cake train by the way.