Sunday, June 13, 2010

so, hi there.

I know I know. I haven't posted in ages. At least, to me it seems like ages. Since school let out, we've been very busy. We've had an aunt stay with us for a weekend. One of my besties from Dallas came up the next week and visited with us. We took to her all kinds of 'Colorado' places. And now my mom and stepdad are up to celebrate their anniversary and visit with us. Not to mention that VBS started this week at church, and I'm their official photographer. Woop!

We've been busy, and I've been stressed. I don't think one necessary is causing the other, but regardless, it is what it is. I bought a mouth guard this afternoon to hopefully help my TMJ symptoms. I started therapy a little while ago, and I'm much more tense than usual. Oh well. Healing is gonna cost something. I rarely use my sanity anymore, so I offered it up as payment.

I have a TON, no really, a TON of photos to post. I'm gonna have to seriously weed through them or else I may shut down the whole internet. ;) I shot a wedding, had a photoshoot with some super cool friends of mine and their families, and of course, VBS. Not to mention all the fun times my own little family has had in the backyard with the Slip N Slide and the horseshoes. We also went to the Rocky Mountain National Park a few weekends ago, and the Botanic Gardens. I even bought a new fancy flash to go with my fancy camera. I am loving that!

So anyway, life after LOST isn't all that bad.

hope you are well. i'll post some pics soon. and maybe something insightful and entertaining.

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