Monday, May 10, 2010

what we've been up to recently

We've really been enjoying the warmer weather recently. We spend a good part of our day in the backyard. In our front yard, a mama robin has made her nest along our gutter drain. I sure hope her eggs don't fall out! I love watching the robins. The boys and I play a lot of baseball and soccer when we're out. And of course, Josh loves his water table. Our lilac tree is blooming, and it is gorgeous!

We made pinewood derby cars for the races that our church had. They had races for the older Awanas kids one night and then for all families a few nights later. Our cars weren't that fast, but Josh's Shark car won first place in design for his age group. Go Josh!!

These are Gillian and Josh's cars. Josh's is the shark and Gillian's is the yellow lion one.

We went to this really cool State Park near us and enjoyed the warm weather.



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