Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Because there can never be enough pictures

Ben's family has a Family Day every once in a while, and we had one last weekend. We had a fun time with the peeps that were there. I brought my camera, and I'm sooo glad that I did. There were so many beautiful moments. And one really amazing rusty ol' truck!

Have I ever mentioned how much I admire bees? I really do.

This is Lillian. She's adorable. I've never seen her this friendly with us before. It was a joy to play with her!

Josh always scouts out the bugs in the area. He studied this one for quite a long while. And then placed it under his shoe and slammed down on it. Then studied the guts. I'm hoping these kind of skills will someday serve him and his family well.

Of course, he MELTS my heart with his genuine sweetness.

Miss Lillian really liked Jack. I think the feeling was mutual.

(by the way, the cool frames on some of these pictures are from this site. most of them are available to download and use on your own images. they are sooo fun!)

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