Monday, April 20, 2009

Time for Tea

Gillian's best friend from school is named Rachel. She is such a sweetie, and we all love her and her brother and her mom. Yesterday, Gillian was invited to a tea party at their house. I was expecting plastic Disney princess cups and plates.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

They went ALL out. Very fancy. We'd been told to dress fancy, and we did. But I had thought that was to make them feel like little princesses. But Rebecca went above and beyond to make us all feel like royality! Seriously.

For one, I am highly allergic to cats. I always have been. I've never been able to walk into a house where a cat lives/has lived and not have a reaction within 5 minutes. We were at their house for 3 hours, and I NEVER ONCE had a reaction! She gave credit to her vacuum. I give credit to her. She must have cleaned like a crazy woman to get it that clean for me. I felt very loved.

Secondly, you should have seen this table up close. My pictures don't do it any kind of justice.

She brought out some gorgeous table settings! This was for the kiddos. This yellow tea pot rocks. And sugar cubes (real sugar cubes!) went into that sweet blossom container. Milk went into the other cup.

There were even party favors! The girls got manicure sets and pearl bracelets.

and the grown ups got seeds to plant. Is that not the most perfect spring time party favor?! So clever!

The food was incredible. So yummy and so sweet. We definitely felt pampered.

That's right. Are you drooling yet? Everything tasted amazing.

Rebecca loves to work in her garden. She's been trying to create her own little paradise for 7 years now. And most everything is self-sustaining. It's really smart and lovely. She has lots of fruit trees and herbs and other things to eat like berries and tomatoes and asperagus. I just had to grab some shots of her yard to share with you all. I'm hoping she'll come out to our yard and school me!

This is one of three of her neighbors' dogs. I thought he was just the sweetest little buddy I'd ever seen!

And the girls again. They formed a bond instantly in school and have been inseperable ever since. I'm sure these two will remain friends for a long, long time. I'm hoping to have her over for a night of pampering. I'm wanting to paint their nails, scrub their sweet feet, put cucumbers over their eyes - the whole she-bang! Then they can get in sleeping bags and tons of throw pillows and watch movies and have popcorn and chat all night.

When we got home, Gillian tackled Josh, who was waiting for us in the front yard. Then he gave me some of his best "I'm a stinker!" looks. I love that boy!

and because no post is complete without an adorable picture of Captain Jack-a-roni and Cheese, here he is. :)

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William said...

Thank you so much for this post - I am so very sorry Taryn and I missed this! Really enjoyed your photos - you have an amazing gift!