Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

(yeah, I realize that I'm a few days late. but that's what you get with a mom of a new baby!)

I would like to be able to tell you that in the past year I...

  • Lost a few dress sizes
  • Learned how to cook healthy, inexpensive meals for the fam
  • Spent tons of time with my closest friends and family
  • Finished reading through the New Testament

Instead, I have to tell you that in the past year I…

  • Weigh just about the same as I did this time last year
  • Served pizza and mac n cheese far too often
  • Moved to Colorado away from some of my closest friends and family
  • Am still a few chapters away from finishing the New Testament

However, in the past year I also…

  • Got to wear maternity pants and dresses! (Welcome Jack!!)
  • Already lost the baby weight I had gained during the pregnancy
  • Did learn a few new cooking techniques that I’m loving
  • Moved to Colorado to be surrounded by awesome family
  • Made some new friends and was visited by some of our Texas friends and family
  • Gained a new appreciation for and sense of awe of God

In this next year, I am hoping to…

  • Start officially looking into whether we can adopt
  • Redefine my goal of losing weight to eating healthier and being more active (so far so good, by the way!)
  • Move to Denver to be closer to Ben’s work and family
  • Spend loads of time outdoors with the kiddos
  • Finish the New Testament and start reading through the Old

Here’s to a divine 2009!

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